The Board

The Adullam Agape Board has three members at this time.

Jerry Jacoban, Ashland, Oregon.

Seth McPherson, Hood River, Oregon.

Joshua Sharp, White Salmon, Washington.

We formed the board under protest.  I mean, we’re busy guys.  Who has time for golf every afternoon?  It turns out though, that’s not what the board does.


What we really do make sure things stay on task and funds are spent wisely.  We talk together about what’s best when it comes to levels of support and duration for any project, person, or otherwise that Adullam Agape gets behind.

Between the three of us, our spouses, and the friends we turn to for expertise, a wide range of questions get asked.  Different points of view are addressed.  It means everything that Adullam Agape does has transparency and thought behind it (and that more gets done faster than if we were a committee of fourteen).

We all work hard for our families.  We know you work hard for yours.  We want to make sure the money is doing exactly what we expect it to.