Our Approach

We’ve been wondering if we could do something longer term than once-and-done contributions to good causes. Adullam Agape is the result.

That means thousands of dollars going into concentrated efforts to accomplish specific tasks in specific time-frames. ‘Improve Community Relations’ doesn’t do it for us (noble though that may be) ‘Setup a volunteer database and call/text reminder system’ or ‘Raise $5,000 to convert a bathroom to be wheelchair friendly’ are much more up our alley.

We won’t shy away from high(er)-dollar or long-term efforts, but they need to have defined objectives, an expected duration, and a sound plan behind them.

We plan to get most of our funds via donations from businesses by holding events where customers get a discount and a charity (Adullam Agape) gets a healthy percentage of the sale. The customer feels good about both their saving and the business. The business gets a new customer and we get the revenue we need to operate.

As to our name, we think it helps explain our approach, and we hope you agree:

Adullam. Often translated as a place of refuge, it’s more than that. It’s a place of strength, like a fortress.

It’s not a campsite that could be swept away or easily attacked. It’s a place you can know you’re safe. Where you can train, recover, and prepare to go out in strength.

Agape. It’s love. A really, really, great kind of love. Look it up.

…anyway, we think that together they describe our goals just about perfectly. We hope you can partner with us in ‘filling in gaps’ of all kinds, using technology, time, and money as best as we can.